screen shots

screen category description
HTML tutorial Dashboard to-date summary of Rent Due, Expenses to Pay, Leases Expiring, Applications to Review, Vacant Units, Maintenance Required
HTML tutorial Properties property names, addresses, owners, units, etc
HTML tutorial Units unit sizes, bedrooms, amenities, market rent, deposit required, maintenance, capital improvements, etc
HTML tutorial People tenants and other occupants
HTML tutorial Leases rent, deposits, start/end dates, status, vehicles, pets, upload lease, sub-tables Tenants, Payments, Deposits, Balance Due, Notes, Legal
HTML tutorial Transactions date, amount, category, debits, credits, payment method, notes
HTML tutorial Deposits security deposits, pet deposits, received, forfeited, transferred, refunded
HTML tutorial Legal track tenant issues and management actions (3-day notice, lease violations, eviction, etc)
HTML tutorial Bank Accounts separate accounts for different properties or owners
HTML tutorial Capital Expenses cost, date, category, vendor, warranty info, model #, etc
HTML tutorial Companies employers, vendors, address, phone, contact, email, etc
HTML tutorial Employees contact info and payroll tax info (W4) for payroll module
HTML tutorial Maintenance work orders, make-readies, units, request date, complete date, notes
HTML tutorial Expenses accounts payable, share with management or owner
HTML tutorial Time Sheet record hours, generate reports and compute payroll amounts
HTML tutorial Vehicles year, make, model, license#, associated with tenant and lease


Screen Report Descripton
HTML tutorial Reports Menu
HTML tutorial Balance Due list all tenants with outstanding balance, sort by any parameter
HTML tutorial Bank Deposits by date, date range, summary and totals
HTML tutorial Turnover
HTML tutorial Rent Roll track income on daily basis
HTML tutorial Vacant Units track vacancy on daily basis
HTML tutorial Depost Summary includes security deposits, pet deposits and other deposits and balance due
HTML tutorial Transactions rent payments) by day , month , summary, total, etc
HTML tutorial Lead Source track lead sources and which ads are working