Item AIMS Free AIMS AIMS Pro Notes
1-10 units $0 n/a n/a
11-99 units n/a $100/yr $200/yr annual pricing only
100+ units annual n/a $1/u/yr $2/u/yr $/unit/year
100+ units monthly n/a $0.10/u/mo $0.20/u/mo $/unit/month
Setup Fee $0 $0 $0
Updates $0 $0 $0
Upgrade AIMS to Pro $100 one time fee
Email support $60/hr $0 $0
Feature AIMS Free AIMS AIMS Pro Notes
User Logins (unique) 1 1 no limit
Owners no limit no limit no limit
Properties 10 no limit no limit
Buildings 10 no limit no limit
Units 10 no limit no limit
Reports 81 112 112
Bank Accounts Yes Yes Yes
Deposits Yes Yes Yes
Expenses Yes Yes Yes
Export Data Yes Yes Yes Excel, csv, pdf, Word, XML
Income Yes Yes Yes
Leases Yes Yes Yes
Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Notes Yes Yes Yes
Tasks Yes Yes Yes
Tenants Yes Yes Yes
Utilities Yes Yes Yes
Vendors Yes Yes Yes
Bank Reconciliation Yes
Bank ledger upload $100 one time setup fee
Bids Yes Yes Yes
Budgets Yes Yes Yes
Capital Expenses Yes Yes Yes item details
Custom Categories Yes & Subcategories
Custom Default values Yes deposits, late fee, late day
Employees Yes Yes Yes
Management Contracts & Fees Yes calculate mgmt fees
Marketing Sources Yes Yes Yes custom for lead tracking
Page Level Security Yes restrict user page access
Pets Yes Yes Yes
Portal - Owner Yes
Portal - Tenant Yes
Rent Survey Yes Yes Yes compare market rents
Record Level Security Yes Yes Yes restrict user data access
Timesheets Yes Yes Yes
Upload documents Yes leases,apps,invoices,bids
Vehicles Yes Yes Yes
Online Application $100 one time setup fee
Online Rent Payment 3rd party

Pricing Examples

Product Units x Rate = $/year or $/month Users Notes
AIMS Free 10 x $0 = $0 or $0 1
AIMS 11-99 $100 or $10 1 $100/yr minimum
AIMS 500 x $1 = $500 or $50 1
AIMS 1,000 x $1 = $1,000 or $100 1
AIMS Pro 1,000 x $2 = $2,000 or $200 any
AIMS Pro 5,000 x $2 = $10,000 or $1,000 any * see note below
AIMS Pro 10,000 x $2 = $20,000 or $2,000 any * see note below
AIMS Pro VPS 10,000 x $2 = $20,000 or $2,000 any plus $80/mo for VPS
AIMS Pro DS 10,000 x $2 = $20,000 or $2,000 any plus $250/mo for VPS

Note: Companies may purchase the Pro version to run on their own server for a one-time fee of $10,000.
    (requires MySQL and php 5.5)